Vietnam Zinc Oxide Producer

Product Specification:

  •         Product Name: Zinc Oxide
  •         Specification: 21% Zn
  •         Origin: Tuyen Quang, Vietnam
  •         Product Capacity: 500 Tons per month
  •         FOB price: $800 – $1200 /mt
  •         Package Detail: 25kg
  •         Trademark: Bao Au JSC
  •         Min Order: 25.0 MT


Wholesale Zinc Oxide Manufacturer In Vietnam

Inorganic zinc oxide is a white powder that is insoluble in water. Most zinc oxide is made synthetically, even though it also exists naturally as the mineral zincite. It has a chemical formula ZnO with a molar weight of 81.4 g/mol. Thus, it is highly beneficial to use in various industries. There are several types of zinc oxide with distinct properties to meet the requirements of various products.

The purity and quantity of the zinc oxide and any other elements makes them unique and best for multiple applications. Bau Ao JSC, a Zinc Oxide manufacturer in Vietnam, serves the highest purity of these chemicals. Thus, we ensure that each product is tested and checked before delivery.

High-Quality Vietnam Zinc Oxide Producer Online 

Zinc is a mineral that may lie on top of the skin and reflects sunlight by deflecting UV radiation. It reduces the bacterial and antibacterial effects that cause acne. Also, zinc oxide shields the skin from UVA and UVB light rays, unlike many chemical sunscreens. Thus, it is a safe, all-natural sunscreen to avoid burns, wrinkles, and irritation. Thus, it is best for reducing skin inflammation due to rashes, allergies, or irritation (including baby rash)

As a well-known Vietnam Zinc Oxide Producer, we ensure the quality of our products. Thus, it enhances the process of wound healing and avoiding bacterial infections, and healing injured tissue and burns. Also, it helps in preserving fluid in dry skin and reduces inflammatory skin conditions, such as rosacea. Plus, it helps the skin for aging and cures warts. Besides the skin, they are useful for minimizing dandruff and treating melasma and other pigmentary illnesses. So, to make it more effective, researchers suggest using it with a carrier agent for best results.

Wide Range Of Applications Of Vietnam Zinc Oxide

Zinc oxide is a versatile substance that is useful in Vietnam and throughout the world in several sectors. Zinc oxide has become a key component for several products, from cosmetics to automobiles. Numerous enterprises can benefit from zinc oxide’s special physical and chemical attributes. The demand for goods from rubber, automotive, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and many other industries rises as a result of Vietnam’s expanding population.

Zinc oxide is helpful in many products, including plastics, ceramics, cement, glass, paints, adhesives, cosmetics, meals, and many more. Vietnam’s factories depend on zinc oxide to function efficiently and meet the demands of the expanding population.

Zinc oxide is a moderate astringent that doesn’t require a prescription and has just marginal antibacterial qualities. Zinc oxide is useful in cosmetics to treat acne, skin burns, and allergies. 

Vietnam Zinc Oxide Composition Manufacturer

In Vietnam, Bau Ao JSC is the major manufacturer of zinc oxide. Our customer-focused business constantly provides special items that surpass client expectations. We provide zinc oxide products in various colors, grades, sizes, forms, and other details.

We provide rapid delivery since we are Vietnam’s most renowned zinc oxide manufacturer and want to maximize client happiness. By using items that best satisfy the needs of our clients, we create an experience and a distinctive brand in the market. Bau Ao JSC offer our clients the most competitive rates. Contact us if you require supplies for the best Vietnam zinc oxide composition manufacturer, and a member of our staff will help you every step of the way.

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